Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Update 2014

Been a busy year.......

Daughter Kailey Became Mrs. Eric Frentress on Sept. 27th.

Daughter Danielle spent time in Italy, Singing with the Mt. View High School Choir and got her  Bachelors Degree in Ministry and Religious Studies.

And Son John helped his Rugby team, The Battle Ground Rebels, win the Oregon State 13-14 year old championship and his football team, The Camas Papermakers,  finish the season 11-1.

A lot for a father to be proud of this year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This week Moms cousin, Ora came to town with a few old photos.

Ora is the daughter of Albert Owen, Grandma Junes older brother.

She gave me this photo. A fine looking and proud man of Indian heritage.

Back in the early 1900's men would go from town to town taking photos and print then on post cards for folks to send to loved ones far away.

It looks as if Mr D. Blodgett was going to send them to a Mary Blodgett and one to my Great Grandmother, Annie Blodgett Owen. (Ora had two of these).

Ora said that she was given these from Annie's things after she passed away but knew nothing more.

Another mystery,
Another story to discover.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Football Season's Over

                                            A 2 win season didn't make it a bad one.

                               The season started with the same hope that all teams have.........

                                         With hard work and effort we'll see this through.......

I watched him scrap and push and shove and fight for his team.

I watched him play with no fear......

                                           I've watched him take charge and lead the charge......

                               I've watched him play in horrid conditions and never a complaint........

   I've watched him carry tacklers 2-3 extra yards because his heart doesn't no the word quit.....

                                                    I've watched him take some hits....
                              And I've cringed as a parent watching him take a big hit......

                     And then watched with pride as he badgered his coach to get back in the game.....

  I've watched him laugh and joke and congratulate his teammates.... 

                                             But most of all, I've watched my son have fun.

                                                           Grandpa would be proud!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seasons Over

Son John had a very successful season this year.......
 District Game 1 vs. La Center was a close one. Winning 7-6.

John had a RBI single in that game.

Game 2 vs. Battle Ground.

John had a Double with 2 runs scored and 3 RBIs in a 13-2 rout.

Game 3 District 6 Championship vs Battle Ground.

John hit his 1st home run of  the season, a 2 run blast to left/center in a 11-5 win.

  Glenwood...District 6 Champs!

3 Home Runs hit in the game, Josh, Spencer and John.

With Uncle Johnny.
John with sister Kailey and Mom.

John and proud father with the home run ball,

On to State.

vs. Kent-Renton. John had the only extra base hit, a RBI double in a tough 14-3 loss.

Win or go home game vs. Tacoma....

The boys took the lead in the top of the 7th, but Tacoma came back with 2 runs to end Glenwoods season.

Great season John!