Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Stuff.

My Aunt Margie's Obituary Notice. I now know where she was laid to rest, but still don't know the date of her death. Obit was found in my Fathers old high school photo album.

Johnny Elder set a new field record for the low hurdles with 24 seconds.

 1953 Cannelton Bulldogs. Finished the season 4-4. My Dad, Johnny Elder and my Uncle, Carl Elder are in the photo.

 I wish Dad had taken the time to write on the back of these photos. I'm thinking this is his buddy Earl Hay from high school.

 Dad running the high hurdles in High School. Cannelton, Indiana. 1954

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Year Gone

Getting close to saying goodbye to 2012,

This year all my children will be teens

Son John Jarrett will be 13 on Dec 11th. He is no longer a little boy who likes to play with Legos. He now shaves. This was his first season in tackle football. I was impressed! He played like his hair was on fire.

Daughter Danielle Grace turned 16 in Nov. Now playing the piano and learning the guitar. Very talented with paint, watercolors and now learning chalk in art. She speaks her mind (Well she has since she was 2). On Dec 24th she leaves for a month, heading to Brazil for a church mission.

Daughter Kailey Marie will by 20 on Dec 28th. (Where did all those years go?) Dating a very nice young man, Eric. I hope all the best for her and just want her to always be happy.

This year I, for the first time, saw the face of my Grandfather.

I wish I had taken more time when my Dad was alive to ask him about Grandpa. He died in 1950.
He worked for a chair Co. in Cannelton, Indiana.