Monday, August 22, 2011

On My Mothers Side

Donald Burgess Wold 

Donald is my Grandfather. Like my other Grandfather, he died before I was born. I always think about what I could have learned about life if I had the chance to sit with my Granddads.

Donald was adopted by Jonas and Grace. Family history says that Donald was the son of one of Grace's brothers, Which one we don't know.

His parents were Jonas And Grace Burgess Wold.
Jonas was born in Lerenger, Norway in 1872. He came to America in 1880 or 1884 (census records show 3 different dates). There is no record of his parents that I can find.

Jonas lived in Fargo, North Dakota and married Grace in 1904 in Brookfield, Missouri.

They moved to Oregon around 1906. Jonas had a drug store in Medford and was leader of the community.

Grace was born in 1880 in Leray, Minnesota. The 1900 census shows Grace as a teacher, living with her parents in Minnesota. Grace had 3 brothers who were actors and a opera singer.

Jonas passed away in 1946 and Grace in 1958.

My Grandmother,
Anna June Owens (1920-1996)
Grandma was born in Oregon and spent her younger days in Del Norte Co. California.

Grandma was a nurse, and was working at Madigan Army Hospital, Fort Lewis, WA. where she met her 2nd Husband, Ed Zoll.

Anna June's parents were  Arther Owens and Annie Blodgett.

Arthur was born in 1877 in Nebraska. His family moved to Oregon around 1880. Arthur was a teamster, a farmer and worked for the California state Highway. Arthur was also very handy with tools and wood. In his retirement he spent his time building sled-type flat bottom boats. Arthur passed away in 1957.

Annie and Daughter Mary Alice
Annie was born in 1883. Her mother, Nancy, was full blooded Wintu Indian and her father was a white man, Philip Blodgett, A 49er from Illinois.

Annie was first married in 1899 to a James Brodnax. They were married less that a year. 1900 census shows Annie listed a as widow. How James died is a mystery.

But the 1900 census lists Arthur right below Annie. They would marry later that year.

Annie passed away in 1945 in Crescent City, CA. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More than just Elders

Going WAY back in time.....

Charles Beaven, (I have found two different spellings of that last name . Beavin and Beaven) Born in 1645 in  Carnarveon, Wales is my 8th great grandfather.                                                              
Carnarveon, Wales

Charles came to America in 1666.
He owned a plantation in Prince George Co. Md on the Patuxent River.
This plantation was later purchased by my 6th great grandfather, William Elder in 1736 for " for 60 lbs. sterling" according to   PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, MD. LAND RECORDS (Book T, folio 560.

Thomas Walker, My 10th great grandfather (1560-1586) was born in Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales


I haven't been able to find much on Thomas Walker, His son, William died in  Easthem, MA. in 1625, Being the first Walker I found here in America.

On the Gedling side comes John Gedling,  My 5th great grandfather. John was from County Durham, England.
The Gedlings were a little late getting to America. Johns son, Joseph, was the first. Coming to New York City aboard the Hark-Away in 1834.

Manifest for the Hark-Away
        Joseph, His wife Cathrine, and 4 Children  headed out to Ohio.