Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Elder photos from the past

Mother Marilyn Wold, Sister Carrie and Father John Elder.

Johnny Yo-Yo Elder  Cannelton HS

Wife and Children of John Thomas Elder (2nd great grand uncle) Brother of Charles Coomes Elder.L to R.Florence Ellen, Eugene Vincent, Flaget S. and Mother  Martha A. Carter Elder.

Joseph Lester Elder (1917 - 2003)  4th cousin 1x removed

Francis Xavier Elder. 4th cousin 3x removed. KIA durring the battle of the Meuse-Argonne.  American Legion Post 121 in Emmittsburg, Maryland is named after him.

Earl Elder,1st cousin 1x removed. His father  Albert Elder and Sister Mary Kathleen Elder

Uncle William O. "Bill"
  Elder  (1931-1987)

Great Grand Uncle  June E. Elder (Son of Charles Coomes Elder) 1881 – 1907

Father John Elder in Korea

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  1. Ed, William Elder was known as "Bill".

    Beautiful work brother.