Friday, December 9, 2011

For my Step Mother, Cherie

This is your great grandmother, Effie Jane Towell (1868-1959)  Your Fathers Mothers Mother. (sorry about the small photo, It's all I could find)

Effie Jane came to Idaho in a covered wagon in 1881 from Missouri.

Monument at Midvale, Idaho. It lists all the names of those that crossed the plains on the Oregon Trail, from Mercer Co. Missouri to Middle Valley Idaho.

This is Isaac Alexander Towell, (1835-1922) Effie Jane's Father,  He's from Indiana. He Enlisted in Company C, Iowa 8th Cavalry Regiment on 17 Aug 1863.
Promoted to Full 8th Corporal on 26 Sep 1864.
Mustered out on 13 Aug 1865 at Macon, GA.

This is his Wife, Emily Fletcher (1841-1920) Your 2nd great grandmother.

 Here is Isaac and Margaret Towell, Your 3rd great grandparents.Issac started his trade of blacksmith at the small river town of Towell, Virginia in Lee County where his father ran the ferry across the river.

And we can't forget these photos.....

Miss Cherie Delashmutt, Benjamin Franklin High School  1956

Love you!