Sunday, April 8, 2012

I hope Daddy has the answers now.

A few year back before my father passed away, I asked him about his growing up in Indiana. He told me ....

"I grew up in Kentucky".
"But I thought it was Indiana".

"Son, I lived with my grandpa and grandma 'til I was about 7 or 8"


"I don't know".

Dad was living with his mothers parents in Cloverport Ky. when they took the 1940 census.

Rest of the family were in Cannelton, Indiana. (youngest brother Carl is on the next page of the census)

The country was coming out of the depression, Grandpa Paul made about $ 500 in wages the previous year with rent on the house at $12 a month. Was feeding 6 kids too much for them?

Dad's grandfather, Joseph Gedling.

Joe was hard working Kentuckian. He had worked in timber, as a boiler maker at the L&N Railroad shop. and as a Engine-man at  Lock and Dam 45 in Addison Ky. In 1932 Joe lost a leg in a work related accident for which he drew 30.00 per month from the Government.

Was grandparents Joe and Spicie better off to take care of Dad?  My Dad never had the answer and I don't think he ever looked or asked about it.

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  1. I didn't know that about dad. I do remember him telling me that they were terribly poor. He said several of them, the brothers, shared a bed.