Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paul Eugene Elder

My Grandfather, Paul Eugene Elder (1899-1950).

I never knew my Grandfather. He died 14 years before I was born and my father never had a photo of him. As of yesterday I never knew what he looked like.

I don't know when this photo was taken. My thought is 1926 on his wedding day.

Dad had told me long ago that Paul loved baseball and was a Cleveland Indians fan, He would sit on thje front porch and wath his sons play ball in the street.

 Now I have a photo of 5 generations of Elder men.

Great Grandfather John William Elder

Born 04 Apr 1864 in Cloverport, Kentucky
Died  9 March 1958 in Cloverport, Kentucky.

    Grandfather  Paul Eugene Elder

    Born 1 Feb 1899 in Hardinburg, Kentucky.
    Died 16 Jan 1950 in Tell City, Indiana.

  My Father, John Herschel Elder

Born 9 Dec 1935 in Cannelton, Indiana
Died 8 Apr 2009 in Portland  Oregon

Me, Edwin Paul Elder

Born 7 Jan 1964 in Orlando Florida

  My Son, John Jarrett Elder

 Born 11 Dec 1999 in Vancouver WA.
A big THANK YOU and Bless you to Sister Rose Jean Powers for finding and sent me this photo of my Grandfather.

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  1. You searched hard and now we know what Grandpa Elder looks like! What a resemblance!!!