Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I found this week.

Great Grandpa Wold's Drug Store in Medford, Oregon

 A attorney friend is looking into this case for me, Philip Blodgett is my Great great grandfather on my Mothers side.
Captain George Elder, Company G, 26th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, U.S.A.; later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the 115th U. S. Colored Infantry.

My 1st cousin 4x removed
Little bit of history. The Burgess family is from my Mom's side. Her Grandmother Grace was a Burgess.
The Burgess family was full of actors and singers.


  1. Well, that gene pool didn't make it to our generation! Awesome work. =)

  2. Beg to differ...I played clarinet and oboe, sang in 2 choirs, Jeanine sang in the choir, Michon sang and acted, Rian acted. So, it trickled down some.