Saturday, June 16, 2012

Looking For and Questions Still Unanswered

Grandfather Paul Eugene Elder (1899-1950)
I know there has to be a photo out there somewhere. I was hoping to find you in a old school yearbook but then I discovered that you only attended school up to the 8th grade.

I did find your WW1 Registration Card, I know you were of Medium Height and Slender Build.

The Gedling Boys...
4 of them went off to the Civil War.  3 of them, Samuel, Joseph and John all left about the same time (Aug-Sept. 1861) and joined the Ohio 31st Infantry. I'd love to find a photo of them. The youngest brother, Jacob, joined in 1864 and died in Annapolis Md. in 1865.

Great Great Grandmother Nancy.....
I think you were born around 1835 in California, You were full blooded Wintu Indian and you were "married" to a Philip Blodgett. Thats about all I know about you. There is no paper trail, no Birth or Death certificate, No grave marker, I don't even know your real (Indian) name.

Great Great Grandfather Philip Blodgett.......
So where did you come from? Ohio? Illinois? Iowa? Almost a different state for each record I found. Were you running away from a marriage gone bad?  You're listed as never married and then as a Widower. Was it Gold Fever when you set out for California in the 1850's?

Grandfather Donald Wold....
I wish I knew who your real mother and father were, I hope that Jonas and Grace loved you as their own,.
I also wish I knew why you took your own life, I always get sad thinking about you, Sad that I never met you.

Great Great Great Grandfather John Gedling...
What was it like to sail across the Atlantic in 1834? Did you and your family miss England? Why Ohio?



  1. *sigh* I wish we did have those questions answered. I always wondered about grandpa (Don) too. I feel sad too and wondered how his little girls felt when he left.

  2. He suffered from depression which led him to take his life.